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best goalkeepers in the world

Do you know? The best teams win trophies because of the best goalkeepers in the world. In every do-or-die situation, the goalkeepers are the ones who save the team.

Goalkeepers in football are the walls that prevent the opposition from scoring goals. They face the bullets that shoot and strike and they save those with their fists, feet, and every other body part. 

Goalkeeping isn’t for everyone. Evidently, most of the players are reluctant even when we play in the streets. The majority of the players don’t try to be the goalkeepers. For a goalkeeper, it requires a lot of courage and a fearless personality. In fact, only the chosen ones have these capabilities. 

The best goalkeepers in the world are not street footballers like Tom Brady. They are legitimate and outstanding players who will do anything to stop the ball from going into the net. In fact, they require a high-quality player to score against them. 

Many goalkeepers made history and are in the hall of fame. Oliver Kahn, Gianni Buffon, Iker Casisas, and many more are the goalkeepers that will be remembered for their service to the club and their country. 

Nowadays, choosing the best goalkeepers in the world is very conservative. There are many goalies whose performance is at its peak. Although some of the goalkeepers really make you think “how could he” when they play?

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Some of these goalkeepers have made football very easy for their club and country. Today we are going to rank the best goalkeepers in world football right now. 

The following is the list of the best goalkeepers in the world. 

  • Manuel Neuer
  • Thibaut Courtois
  • Alisson Becker
  • Emiliano Martinez
  • David De Gea,
  • Jan Oblak
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma
  • Ederson
  • Keylor Navas
  • Marc-Andre-Ter Stegen
  • Hugo Lloris
  • Edouard Mendy 
  • Yassin Bounou
  • Jordan Pickford

Manuel Neuer

  • Full name: Manuel Neuer
  • Date of birth: March 27, 1986 (age 36 years)
  • Place of birth: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Bayern Munich 

Manuel Neuer is one of those goalkeepers on whom you can blindly rely. There is no other goalkeeper whose skills and abilities are better than Manuel Neuer. 

Manuel Neuer is known for his passing capabilities. In fact, if he was a midfielder, he would have been among the best midfielders in the world. 

Furthermore, Manuel Neuer has already proved to be among the best goalkeepers in the world and in history as well. He served Bayern Munich and the German national team for years. In fact, he won all the major trophies, including the FIFA World Cup and Champions League. 

Thibaut Courtois

  • Full name: Thibaut Coutois
  • Date of birth: May 11, 1992 (age 30 years)
  • Place of birth: Bree Belgium
  • Nationality: Belgium
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Real Madrid

more than 5 yards of the net and a 6.5-foot goalkeeper in front of it. So what are the odds of scoring? In fact, when there is Thibaut Courtois, the odds are almost zero.

Thibaut Courtois has come to be the best goalkeeper in world football right now. He was criticized, especially during his Chelsea duty. Although he proved everyone wrong.

Thibaut Courtois has height, he can stretch, and he can do what else you need in a goalkeeper. Furthermore, you will never see a ball move, not even a slight movement of his fists. Thibaut Courtois plays for Real Madrid and his Belgium national team. 

Alisson Becker

  • Full name: Alisson Becker
  • Date of birth: October 2, 1992 (age 29 years)
  • Place of birth: Novo Hamburgo, Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Liverpool

Alisson Becker is always on top. Every season, his performance is “Oh My God”. In fact, because of him, Liverpool has emerged to be the best club team in the world. 

Alisson Becker plays for Liverpool and the Brazilian national team. He is not a tall person, although he is quick like a cat. Moreover, we have witnessed him score goals in the last minute of the match and even assist several times. When you have a pack of these handsome skills, believe me, your team will be prime. 

Emiliano Martinez

  • Full name: Emiliano Martinez
  • Date of birth: September 2, 1992 (age 29 years)
  • Place of birth: Mar Del Plata, Argentina
  • Nationality: Argentine
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Aston Villa

The inspirational Emiliano Martinez is one of the most admired goalkeepers in recent times. He will be a shock for some reason, but he deserves it. 

The way he plays with no fear and the aggression of a lion makes him among the best goalkeepers in the world. 

Emiliano Martinez is an Argentine goalkeeper. In fact, he is the first Argentine to win Copa America in a long time. He won the first international trophy for Lionel Messi. His performance in the Copa America semi-final against Columbia was the one that changed his fortune in the football world. 

Right now, he plays for Aston Villa. Any club in the world would love to play him in their backyard. Emiliano Martinez is an emerging star and, indeed, one of the best goalkeepers that the world will ever see. 

David De Gea,

  • Full name: David De Gea
  • Date of birth: November 7, 1990 (age 31 years)
  • Place of birth: Madrid, Spain
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Manchester United

The competitive Spanish stopper, David De Gea, is a renowned goalkeeper. He was the ball stopper for Manchester United for more than a decade. Every season, he emerges as the Premier League’s best goalkeeper.

For the past few years, Manchester United has been going through a tough period. At that time, David De Gea comes out to save them every time. He even made 155 saves per game when needed. 

David De Gea is a Spanish top-flight goalkeeper. The world always remembers and the people of Manchester and Spain will always remember David De Gea as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. 

Jan Oblak

  • Full name: Jan Oblak
  • Date of birth: January 7, 1993 (age 29 years)
  • Place of birth:  Škofja Loka, Slovenia
  • Nationality: Slovenian
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Atletico De Madrid

Jan Oblak is a goalkeeper of strength, commitment, and pure masculinity. He has been incredible for Atletico Madrid for years. Beating him in the nets requires a special player. Many times, he left strikers in shock with his saves. 

Jan Oblak is among the best goalkeepers in the world currently. In fact, Atletico Madrid has the best goal difference record over the last few seasons. The reason is that Jan Oblak is the backbone of Atletico Madrid’s defense. 

Furthermore, Jan Oblak plays for the Slovenia National Team and he is the captain of the team. He is among those football goalkeepers that the world has witnessed for a long time. 

Gianluigi Donnarumma

  • Full name: Giainluigi Donnarumma
  • Date of birth: February 25, 1999 (age 23 years)
  • Place of birth: Castellammare di Stabia, Italy
  • Nationality: ITalian
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: PSG

People know about the show stoppers, now they will know about the goal stoppers. Gianluigi Donnarumma is a world-class goalkeeper. In fact, he is one of the youngest ones on the list. Right now, he is among the best goalkeepers in the world. 

Gianluigi Donnarumma plays for PSG right now. He played for AC Milan, where he was always in the limelight because of his goalkeeping. 

Gianluigi Donnarumma is a heavy-weight goalkeeper. When he is in front of the striker, there are small chances of a goal. Moreover, he is the top pick of the Italian national team. 


  • Full name: Ederson
  • Date of birth: August 17, 1993 (age 28 years)
  • Place of birth:  Osasco, State of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Manchester City

Ederson is the Brazilian goalkeeper and the top pick of Manchester City. He is a trophy winner. The day he joined Manchester City, they were winning trophies. Ederson is known for his power of clearing and pace. He even holds the record in the Guinness Book for the longest shot. 

Ederson makes goalkeeping very easy. Especially in a one-on-one situation, he is really good. Moreover, Ederson has a passing capability like Manuel Neuer. 

Ederson was the second pick for the Brazilian national team after Alisson Becker. But this is what makes Brazil a strong team because they have the best goalkeepers in the world. 

Keylor Navas

  • Full name: Keylor Navas
  • Date of birth: December 15, 1986 (age 35 years)
  • Place of birth: San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica
  • Nationality: Costa Rica
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: PSG

People might wonder how Real Madrid won three Champions Leagues on the trot. Well, if you know football, then you will know that Keylor Navas was one of the reasons. 

Keylor Navas is a goalkeeper who doesn’t have the ideal height for goalkeepers, but he is still among the best goalkeepers in the world for his abilities and skills. 

Keylor Navas played for a long time at Real Madrid. Right now, he is at PSG alongside Donnarumma. Kyler Naves is almost a veteran, although he is still the first trust of any manager. Moreover, he is the captain of his national team, Costa Rica. 

Marc-Andre-Ter Stegen

  • Full name: Marc Andre Ter Stegen
  • Date of birth: April 30, 1992 (age 30 years),
  • Place of birth: Mönchengladbach, Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: FC Barcelona

There was a time when Marc-Andre-Ter Stegen was unstoppable. Even still, he has a lot of capability. Unfortunately, he went through surgery that affected his performance, although he is recovering well. 

The goalkeeper I love the most is Marc-Andre-Ter Stegen. He is a great passer and even a great goal stopper. Marc-Andre-Ter Stegen plays for FC Barcelona and for the German National Team. He is passionate, elegant, and always wants to do great. 

Hugo Lloris

  • Full name: Hugo Lloris
  • Date of birth: December 26, 1986 (age 35 years)
  • Place of birth: Nice, France
  • Nationality: French
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Tottohum Hotspurs

Hugo Lloris is another veteran and a world-class goalkeeper. He has been amazing for Tottenham Hotspurs and the French national team. He is the only goalkeeper who captained his national team and led them to win the FIFA World Cup. This is Hugo Lloris’s biggest achievement. 

Hugo Lloris made some outstanding saves. He is a veteran but still the top pick for both his national team and the Tottenham Hotspurs. He was even the target of many critics, but he shut their mouths with his performance. 

Edouard Mendy 

  • Full name: Edouard Mendy
  • Date of birth: March 1, 1992 (age 30 years)
  • Place of birth: Montivilliers, France
  • Nationality: French and Senegal
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Chelsea FC

Edouard Mendy turned out to be a standout goalkeeper this past season. Chelsea signed him and that was the very reason he won the Champions League for Chelsea. Eduard Mendy is indeed one of the best goalkeepers in world football right now. 

Eduard Mendy plays for the Senegal national team. In fact, he assisted them in qualifying for and winning the African World Cup. Edouard Mendy has a very bright future. He is young, quick, and elegant. These are the things every team demands of their goalkeeper. 

Yassin Bounou

  • Full name: Yassin Bounou
  • Date of birth: April 5, 1991 (age 31 years)
  • Place of birth: Montreal, Canada
  • Nationality: Moroccan
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Sevilla FC

Yassin Bounou is the most underrated goalkeeper in the world. His capability and control of his goalkeeping are outstanding. He plays for Sevilla FC. 

Yassin Bounou provided some outstanding performances for his team. Even for his national team Moroccan, he always comes on top. Right now, he is among the best goalkeepers in the world. 

Jordan Pickford:

  • Full name: Jordan Pickford
  • Date of birth: March 7, 1994 (age 28 years)
  • Place of birth: Washington, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: English
  • Position: Goalkeeper
  • Current Club: Everton FC

Jordan Pickford is a unique goalkeeper, yet the best in the world. Every time he played, he made shocking statements with his performance. Jordan Pickford plays for the England National Team and Everton FC in the PL. 

During the FIFA World Cup 2018, he played outstandingly. There were a lot of ups and downs in his career, but he invariably retrieved his pride. He is without a doubt among the best goalkeepers in world football right now. 

Final Viewpoints

Every year, many players make headlines with their performances. Many players even performed in one season and became season wonders. But these above are the players that will always be at the top. They are the best goalkeepers in the world right now. 

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