Top 10 biggest football stadiums in the world in 2023

top 10 biggest football stadiums in the world

A football stadium for any football club means a lot to them; it is a place that they call home. The home crowd cheers them on and supports them at its best. On the other hand, the player plays with full boost and confidence in their home ground. Football has billions of fans all over the world. Some football stadiums are huge and have a capacity of thousands of spectators. These stadiums are often named the most iconic stadiums because of their capacity and overall architecture. Today we have brought…

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Top 10 best strikers in the world football right now 2023

Best Strikers in the world

The word “striker” is itself congenial when we hear it from the commentators. The best strikers in the world have ruled football for years. In fact, even now, when a team needs a goal, a striker comes to the rescue. Strikers in football are the goal scorers. The person who always puts their team ahead. The strikers are the ones for whom the opposing team constructs a defensive wall to prevent their bulging shots from reaching the goal. There have been some of the best strikers in the world history.…

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Top ten most valuable players in football 2023 | Forward Players |

valuable players in Football

Football is always about judging the most valuable players in Football. In fact, we are not getting off of who is the best and valuable players in football, like Messi or Ronaldo.  No offense to the transfer windows where huge amounts of money are invested in the most valuable players in football. In 2022, it is now extremely easy to pick the most valuable footballers in the world.  The top 5 European leagues are filled with players that can handle the ball like a magic soccer player.  The market for…

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Javi Galan | Current Club | Salary | Girlfriend | Profile | 2023

Javi Galan

Who is Javi Galan? A Spanish professional footballer, Javi Galan, is a fantastic defender (left winger). Javi Galan was born in Badajoz, Spain. He currently plays for RC Celta de Vigo in La Liga’s top flight.  Also Read: Victor Chust | Current Club | Salary | Girlfriend | Profile | 2022 Javi Galan Age:  Javier was born on November 19th, 1994. He is 27 years old. Javi Galan Current Club and Team: Javi Galan has been to many clubs in Spain. Right now, his current club is RC Celta de…

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Top 12 best managers in the world football right now 2023

Best Managers in the world

Who makes the team more successful, the best players or the best managers? In fact, both have a crucial role in a football team. A football club without the best manager in the world and the best players in the world is nothing. There is a question: who makes those players the best? Indeed, the answer is the best managers in the world. The best managers in the world created every great player that we have witnessed, like Cristiano Ronaldo by Sir Alex Furguson and Lionel Messi by Pep Guardiola.…

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Top 14 Best Goalkeepers in the world Football | 2023

best goalkeepers in the world

Do you know? The best teams win trophies because of the best goalkeepers in the world. In every do-or-die situation, the goalkeepers are the ones who save the team. Goalkeepers in football are the walls that prevent the opposition from scoring goals. They face the bullets that shoot and strike and they save those with their fists, feet, and every other body part.  Goalkeeping isn’t for everyone. Evidently, most of the players are reluctant even when we play in the streets. The majority of the players don’t try to be…

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Top 5 free football streaming sites |One-click to the live stream | 2023

football streaming sites

Being a football fan is not easy. Have you ever felt exhausted while trying to find free football streaming sites? If yes, then we are the same bro. Finding the best free football streaming sites is invariably a pain in the head. Most of the sites only claim they stream online, although they are just a scam.  Other than that, buying live streaming plans from Sky Sports, Sony liv, etc to watch football is too expensive. If you can watch live football in full HD via free football streaming sites,…

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Top 12 Best Midfielders in the World Right Now in 2023

Best midfielders in the world

When it comes to football, the best midfielders in the world are invariably in the spotlight. There is no way a football match can be won without midfielders.  Midfielders in football are crucial for winning matches. When there are no good midfielders, alternatively, there will be no playmaking. In fact, when there is no playmaking, there is no chance for forward players to score a goal.  Not only that, midfielders are the first to face the attack of the opposition. So they are the first barrier in front of them.…

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Top 14 Best Football Kits 2023-2024

Best Football Kits

It is an honor to wear the best football kits as a football fan. In fact, if you see around the world, football fans wear their favorite football players and club jerseys. The reason is to show how much they love the club and its players.  Evidently, there are numerous football clubs and their kits available around the world. especially in the top 5 European leagues.  Every season, the best football clubs change their kits. The majority of the football fans await for their favourite club to announce their new…

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Top 10 Most Valuable Midfielders in Football Currently 2023

most valuable midfielders in football

The most valuable midfielders in football right now are ruling the world of football. The midfielders are the pivots of football. In fact, if you ask who starts the attack in football, you will go to the midfielders. Midfielders are the ones who start the attack and are the first ones to stop the attack from the opposition. Many of us are familiar with the role of a defender to keep the ball away from the penalty box. Likewise, the role of forwards is to make sure they hit the…

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